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Non-Geographic Phone Numbers


National Rate Services

The 0870 national rate code is used by many businesses to create the perception of a national company and allow you to successfully market in areas where they have no physical presence. National rate numbers are non-geographic, therefore if your organisation relocates you can take your number with you. There is no need for any new equipment or lines to be installed as the 0870 number simply sits on top of an existing number, allowing you to use both your STD number and 0870 number if you wish.

Local Rate Services

0845 numbers allow your customers to contact you for the cost of a local call. This service is extremely affordable for small and medium sized businesses that do not want to incur the costs of a freephone number. 0845 is less expensive to run than 0800 freephone, yet it retains all the advantages in terms of customer loyalty, flexibility and efficiency. As with national rate numbers, there is no need for any new equipment or lines to be installed and you can continue to use your existing STD number alongside your 0845 number.

Special Services

Special services numbers offer non-geographic fixed rates services. Special services are generally used by companies who wish to generate higher call revenue share than can be achieved using a local or national rate number. We offer 2 rates of special services; 0844 at 5ppm and 0871 10ppm. Both services are available for voice services only.

There is a one of setup charge of 50 for the first number and 25 per additional number for this service, after that everything is FREE simply call 08444 170 130 (local rate) or email us for more information.


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